2020 Athens

Special Sessions
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SSN-7: Sustainable Innovation and Knowledge Transfer

SSN-8: Focuses of the modern world development in the face of global challenges: theory, methodology, practice

SSN-2:the implementation of the ICT in the management of enterprises.

SSN-9:Innovative Management and Modern Communications

SSN-5: Business, Accounting, Finance, Information Technology and Marketing Current Trends and Future Directions

SSN-10: Information Technologies in Knowledge Management in Organization.

SSN-4: Social and innovative entrepreneurship : a vector of sustainable development

SSN-6: Immaterial capital: driver for performance and sustainable growth

SSN-1: Towards Development and Sustainability of Business Management and Economics under Emergent Technologies

SSN-12:Fostering Green Innovation Management for Sustainability

SSN-13:Management of the activities and resources of business entities: innovative approaches and new strategies

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