ICSIEM'21 Conference Topics

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Conference Topics


The conference will discuss the following, but not limited to following themes: 

Human Resource Management Entrepreneurship Corporate & Social Responsibility
Evolution of HRM systems Entrepreneurship in SME’s Accounting for sustainability
Green HRM Role of technology in entrepreneurship CSR and consumer behavior
Performance Management Entrepreneurship education and training Tensions, conflicts and paradoxes in CSR
E- HRM Management Entrepreneurial finance and micro-credit CSR in Islam
Strategic Issues in HRM Social-entrepreneurship CSR and Triple Bottom Line
Employee Engagement Entrepreneurship & Governance CSR and Business Ethics
Industrial Relations And Industrial Psychology Entrepreneurship & Economic Development CSR and Communications: Public Relations, Pressure Groups & Media
Expatriate Work adjustments Entrepreneurial societies CSR Reporting and Risk Management
Training & Development Sustainable Entrepreneurship CSR and Value Creation
Leading HR to Future High Tech Entrepreneurship Social media in CSR
Diversity Management – Opportunities and Challenges Women Entrepreneurs education and development Role of CSR in Business Productivity

Finance Economics Marketing
Risk management Microeconomics Campaign Management and Email Marketing
Portfolio choice and asset allocation Macroeconomics Digital Experience Management
Liquidity, frictions and limits to arbitrage Labor Economics Personalization and Optimization
Fiscal policy and financial instability International Economics Marketing Innovations & Digital Marketing
Corporate finance Socioeconomic development and welfare Supply Chain Management
Financial intermediation International economics & business Sustainable and Green Supply Chains

Investment policy, capital budgeting and the cost of capital Econometrics Performance Management in supply chains
Bankruptcy and restructuring Risk Management in Supply Chains
Demand Driven Supply Chains
Hedge funds, mutual funds, brokerages Logistics and Retail Management

Venture capital and private equity E-supply chains
Islamic Banking & Finance Women leadership in global supply chains
Financial accounting & reporting Supply Chain Learning & Innovation

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